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Construction Financing

Now that the recession is over and the economy is making a come back more and more contractors are looking to expand and start new projects. Construction business financing is very difficult to find for most contractors. Banks are still weary of financing new development projects whether it’s a shopping mall or a simple single family spec house.

Construction business financing, using alternative lenders, is the fastest and most efficient way to get the capital you need to start a new project. To get approved through a bank you must make sure your credit score is high, you have never filed bankruptcy, you do not have a tax lien, you show 10-15 healthy deposits per month, you are more than 5 years in business, and you have very healthy P/L statements.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for most. A personal situation in the past such as a divorce or partnership split up can cause your personal credit to take a nose dive. Construction business financing using a service like CapFund Financial allows you to apply in one location and have our staff of seasoned funding experts locate the best alternative lender for your situation and negotiate a fair rate and term that will allow you to grow.

CapFund Financial can find the construction business financing you need fast. Approvals in as little as 24 hours and funding within a week. No bank or credit union could supply this type of fast financing. Our network of alternative lenders spans the entire country and our relationships with them are such that, they know we are shopping in order for your application to get the best terms. They are more apt to give us their best offer the first time. This is why you should work with CapFund Financial. One application, 3 months of recent bank statements, and 3 months of recent merchant statements (credit card processing is not a requirement nor is changing your processor) and let us go to work.

Apply today to see how much you can receive for construction business financing. Use it for land purchases, inventory, new hires, supplies, or just working capital. CapFund Financial is the smart choice for your financing needs. Our professional funding specialists are awaiting your application now.


  • Apply Free – Approvals in 24 hours – Funding in 48 Hours
  • No Cost or Obligation to Apply – Minimal Paperwork
  • Only 1 Credit Report Pulled for Multiple Quotes – Bad Credit OK
  • No Need to Accept Credit Cards – Unsecured Loans Offered
  • No Personal Guarantee or Collateral Required
  • No Hidden Fees or Monthly Bills to Pay